( photo :  DTJAAAAM )

( photo : DTJAAAAM)

Matilda was one of my favorite movies growing up (mostly because I always wanted her powers, haha) But I also loved how horrible Ms. Trunchbull was and how funny that character is even though she's the villain. I made the costume on a whim for Halloween last year and decided to wear it to WonderCon because it's a very fun costume to walk around in and interact with people who remember her from the movie too! 

It was a fairly easy costume to make considering she's in sweats (which I got at a second hand store) but it was rather difficult to make her weight belt, I didn't want to spend the money on a real one since they can be expensive! I used a fake leather and rivets to form the belt and was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out! The 1972 Olympics font also tripped me up for awhile since I couldn't decide if I wanted to hand paint the lettering or not, but since I wan't that confident with my painting skills I chose the closest I could find on Word and printed the lettering on fabric paper. (It was super easy and I recommend that method to anyone who needs lettering!)

I think it's always funny when people maybe don't recognize me right away, because they'll be looking at me with a look of confusion, like why does this girl have a unibrow and mustache? but then I can see the gears turning and I can see them realize who I'm supposed to be (even if they don't remember her name) and I think those moments are always the best because it's really funny to see people put it together who I'm supposed to be.

I think Matilda is a really fun timeless movie for kids and adults, so it seems like almost everyone has seen or heard of it at some point. It's really funny to see people point at me with a look on there face and they'll yell at me "OH MY GOD, you're the Trunchbull!" it's nice to bond with people you've never met before over such a great movie.

-- Miranda C. Soriano