DAVID : I first did the Pumpkin/Goblin King mashup in August at Stockton Con ..it was the Magic Dance version..I liked the fact that Jack is the Pumpkin King and Jareth is the Goblin King.. and I felt it would be awesome to bring both Kings together.... 

CLAUDIA ; I never am someone to copy or mimic something directly (screen accuracy seemed too straight forward and been-there-done-that) so I always try to come up with creative and original ideas for some of my favorite characters. And when I met David, I knew that he felt the same way because I've never met somebody as unique and imaginative as him! So when I saw his first version of Jack X Jareth from the Labyrinth (his casual/normal outfit in the movie) I immediately was struck with an idea to do the infamous ballroom scene with Jack & Sally and I quickly drew up a concept art design to share with him my inspired vision. He was absolutely floored and we started gathering materials right away!

DAVID : Claudia then reached out to me a few months after.. about doing the Ballroom Version.. She told me she had the dress.. then she sent me a drawing that she did.. and I was really super excited about what I seen..We knew right away that this was going to be good...I m so thankful to her for reaching out to me because we became friends because of this and to share this experience with her was magical and priceless.. 

CLAUDIA : The biggest part of my inspiration was the fact that I already happened to have an authentic 80's wedding dress in my closet that I bought almost 10 years ago from the Goodwill just for fun! It already had the fabulous sleeves and big poofy dress that with our short time frame and limited budget after the holiday season, it was a lot easier to convert that into the design rather than start from scratch. I also found the perfect blue sequin jacket with coat tails online that we had to ship priority to arrive in time for David to try on and turn into the Goblin King. I bought even more materials and fabric to further add onto the existing pieces but we decided to save those for an upgrade in a future con with more time under our belts as even this took me until the night before to finish in time for the con. So this isn't even our "final form"!

DAVID : We met at a fabric store.. to look at some fabric...and that was the first moment we actually officially met in person.. The jacket was the main thing that we got ..everything else I had.. She attached and made the collar... and also made and attached the tail..The results that were added ..was a huge difference...so Im thankful to her for that.. She is very creative and wonderful person...She is amazing......

CLAUDIA : From the very beginning of our collaboration, we knew that this was going to be something big (literally and figuratively) but since we had to schedule it on the first day of the con, we didn't think we'd get as much attention as on the weekend. But we actually still had tons of people both freak out immediately about mashing their 2 favorite fandoms or others just stare at us trying to fit the pieces together until you could physically see the light bulb switch on their faces! It was quite entertaining and loved sharing that moment with them - even had to constantly drag David away from all his adoring fans who kept stopping us for pictures in between our photoshoots, we kept causing foot traffic jams!

DAVID : The response at Sac Anime was huge ...Peoples reactions were priceless.. I heard a lot of .. Omg ... my two favorites together mashed up...bringing Zero the dog was awesome....one person was jumping up in down..and couldn't believe it ....some people It took them awhile to figure it out ... with a confused face...but when they did they they smiled .. I was playing both themes of music.. when I played David Bowie.. people started dancing.

DAVID : Operation MJ
CLAUDIA : Cricket Fantasy - Art & Cosplay

Photo : Cosplay of Sacramento