I've loved the centaurettes from Fantasia for my whole life — I used to rewind and rewatch that section of our VHS copy of Fantasia over and over again. Once I started cosplaying, I did think about trying a centaurette, but assumed I'd have to adapt it into a two-legged costume. Then I saw Maja Felicitas' centaur costume and my brain started going a mile a minute!! It was the first time it even occurred to me that I could cosplay one of the centaurettes complete with four legs. I dreamed about it for a while after that, scared to start, but eventually I told myself "If you don't do it soon, someone else will do it first," and that helped kick my butt into gear!

The actual construction of the costume wasn't nearly as challenging as I thought it would be! Instead, it was working out the structure and the motion that presented the biggest challenge. Much of the time spent on this costume was just doing something, trying it on, adjusting it, trying it on, etc. for days at a time. I had to do a lot of research into a horse's gait and skeleton, and then do my best to recreate those shapes and those movements with the most minimal, simple engineering possible. It was a mental challenge far more than it was a physical one!

I debuted this costume at Denver Comic Con, and the reaction was amazing. I had a little boy come up to me while I was standing still, talking with friends, and politely ask if I could take a few steps, because "my brother doesn't believe you can walk." His brother's face was priceless when I walked a few feet and the back legs stepped with me! It's not the most comfortable costume to wear (and certainly not the most mobile) but I'm glad I wore it to a convention nonetheless — there's something extra meaningful about seeing people's reactions in person.

The online comments were a bit of a different story, haha! A lot of people online find this costume really weird, don't understand why I made it, or even think it's creepy. Probably the most common comments I get on it is "what the fuck??" People also like to make jokes about furries and bronies. At first it was pretty disheartening, because this was such an important costume to me and so many of the comments are negative. But I try to remind myself that great art makes people feel something, even if those feelings are polarized. I'd rather someone remember the costume, even if they're remembering it because it creeped them out!

For a long time, the Fantasia centaurette was my dream cosplay. But by calling it a "dream cosplay," I was putting it on this pedestal that made it seem unattainable. Once I finally put my hands on some materials and started crafting it, I was surprised by how quickly it came together. Sometimes, I think the idea of a "dream cosplay" can put more distance between us and the projects we're really passionate about. I don't want to have dream cosplays anymore — if it's really important to me to make a specific costume, I should just make it. Turn your dream cosplays into reality cosplays!

---- Ginny Di ( FB / IG )

Photo : Photographer Of Life LLC