Dragon Ball was a manga I really enjoyed when I was younger. Growing up, I realized I could relate to Bulma more than any other characters within the manga/anime. I enjoyed her personality and how she was written as a character. I felt like I could relate to Bulma in many ways, especially in my late teens/early adult years.

I had actually bought a bunny suit from ebay along with the wig, stockings, and red heels. However, I did attempt to make a bunny suit on my own, it didn’t turn out to well so I ended up purchasing the actual suit online. I went through four different suits before settling on that particular style.

Some people enjoyed the cosplay, and asked for pictures.. When shooting the cosplay, I remember someone saying I had a nice figure. This was such a boost to my confidence. I had been dealing with body issues that entire year, and was trying to juggle exercise with working and college. So for someone to say that about my appearance was pretty reassuring.

The very first convention I cosplayed at was Dragon Con. I remember going as Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann, except I wore a dreadlock wig I had made myself. The wig was so heavy on my head that it kept slipping off. I also remember my rifle breaking in half because I used hot glue instead of contact cement. Either way, the entire experience was great, and I enjoyed working with some pretty awesome photographers.

Cosplay has given me an outlet to express my artistic creativity. As an art major, I found myself becoming very critical and analyzing every decision I made about my work and art style. It got to the point where I was making art for others and not for myself. With cosplay, I discovered how to keep my creative passion alive. I realized that I was doing cosplay more for myself than anyone else. And to see the end result coming together was a pretty rewarding experience.

Always find new ways to revive your creativity. Before cosplaying, I never thought I would pick up another x-acto knife, sander, or hot glue gun ever again. I always thought I would strictly be a digital illustrator. Never close yourself off to different alternatives in exploring your passion. Figure out new and unique ways to keep things exciting! :)

—– ArtHard Cosplay

Photo : Solita Delacruz Photography

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