I’ve always wanted to cosplay as a Simpsons character and I rarely see any Simpsons cosplay despite how popular and long the show has been running. I chose Snake, because he’s one of my favorite characters and he is like totally my style dude! I had a lot fun with this cosplay. It was worth all the laughs and smiles I got. A lot of people where giving me their Snake impressions which was hilarious.

The cosplay itself was pretty simple. I already had the clothes and I had a friend do my make up. Most my cosplays have been pretty simple to be honest, but I have tons of fun doing it and to me that’s what cosplay is all about. I’ve been cosplaying for about seven years now and I love it. Being able to let my imagination run wild to see what I can come up with wether it be bad ass, bizarre, weird or just straight up ridiculous. I tend to get a lot of weird, confused and even disgusted looks from some of the other cosplays I’ve done, but I don’t care. I just embrace it, cause I love it. I’ve met a lot of amazing and wonderful people through cosplaying and going to cons giving me so much love and support for what I do which has given me a lot motivation to keep doing what I love. 

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Photo : David Ngo

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