Eddie Valiant was actually sort of a last-minute cosplay! I’ve cosplayed from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit once before in a much more complex manner via a Judge Doom cosplay, but Eddie as a character had the components necessary to be a much more recognizable figure, I think.

The primary source of inspiration for the cosplay itself came from his very recent appearance as a meetable “face character” at a Disneyland Paris event. I had been searching for a last-minute cosplay idea for some time, and seeing this sort of jogged the idea into place. I emptied out my previous idea (Patchy the Pirate from Spongebob) and put Eddie together within 3 days of the convention.

The primary dressings for the character are easy to acquire, while translating Roger was a matter of simply piecing together designs from the film in order to achieve the design I had in mind.

I used a Roger plush while cosplaying as Doom, but I knew I wanted to translate him as a 2D figure this time, as this makes more sense within the confines of the lore of Roger Rabbit. The design was pieced together via multiple image references, versus one, as the only times Roger is held by the ears in the film are within moments of distress.

If I had conceptualized Eddie much earlier, I would have perhaps invested a little more time into creating smaller props - such as the toon gun. But for the purposes of the cosplay then, a whiskey bottle and Roger were all I needed.

Eddie was very well-received, much more than I expected him to be! The selling point of the cosplay I felt was that it’s a character that isn’t typically cosplayed, but I wasn’t sure about the level of recognition I’d receive at a anime convention. To my surprise, it ended up being my most popular cosplay of the convention, despite perhaps having the smallest amount of work put into it.

It was a much more “low-key” cosplay - there were a great deal of times where I would go minutes without being stopped, but as soon as someone had me pose me for a photo, people would take notice, recognize me, and suddenly I’d be swarmed!

Eddie, as a cosplay, is one that inspires a great deal of nostalgia. I find rarely-cosplayed characters like him tend to inspire strong reactions.

It’s one of those cosplays where every interaction extended just a little beyond a simple “can I take your photo” - people would tell me about the uniqueness of the concept or share their own childhood memories of the film. I absolutely adored that.

Cosplay, and conventions, have led me to where I currently am in life. I’ve not been out to achieve “cosplay-fame” nor have I ever sought any sort of financial gain from it. The personal growth and gain it’s gotten me, however, have been nothing short of a blessing. I’ve met my best friends and the love of my life through congoing. I can’t ask for anything more than that.

I want Roger Rabbit as a world in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’ll never happen. :(

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