I’ve cosplayed Juri's default outfit from Street Fighter and I’ve done Bison X Cammy as well, so one day I ran across the only photo I’ve seen of Bison X Juri and immediately wanted to make her!

The bodysuit, sleeves, and thigh highs are all 4-way stretch pleather that I drafted the patterns for. Her gauntlets are actually poster tubes and drink koozies, and the shin pieces are EVA foam that I patterned out.

The response varied at the convention. It’s not a known skin and I didn’t have her signature buns so I think it went pretty unnoticed, but I still had an amazing time wearing the outfit!

Cosplay has been amazing for me. I’ve made a lot of friends and I’ve been able to learn how to sew and fabricate and it’s made my quality of life so much better now that I have an outlet for making and creating. I always tell myself to just have fun and remember that we’re all here for the same reason so why not spread positivity over everything else!

---- Gunpla Lady

Photo : Bentpic5


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