This version of Peach is from Super Mario Odyssey, which has her wearing so many different outfits compared to her normal pink dress. I was drawn specifically to her gigantic wedding dress because of its size and sparkle, and my experience in making many ballgowns for cosplay before. I cosplayed Super Smash Bros. Peach a long time ago, and decided to tackle another one of her dresses to see how I’ve improved.

There’s roughly 45 yards of fabric throughout the entire dress, which 90% of that is in the petticoat and skirt layers. I also used Worbla for the first time for her crown, and I made a piranha plant bouquet that actually moves (mouths open and close) when I walk. So overall a lot of sewing and a lot of trial and error.

At Momocon where I debuted her, I got a phenomenal response from everyone. Most people enjoyed my bouquet, but I did make people “ohh” and “ahh” as I walked around with my skirt being bigger than my dreams.

A little boy came up to me during Momocon with an autograph book and wanted me to sign it for him as Peach. I felt like one of the princesses from Disney World! Though clumsy me ended up with sharpie marks on the palm of my white glove.

Cosplaying has allowed me to connect with others that have the same nerdy interests and creative thinking as I do. I’ve met so many people who I call my best friends within this amazing community that I can open myself up to and not worry about judgement. Cosplay also gives me the chance to share my love of sewing and art to those around the world via social media, and create relationships simply through a comment or two.

If you’re trying to pick something to cosplay, go big or go home. I love ballgowns, opportunities to add fine detail, and anything extra sparkly. When you stand back and look at your final project, it’s SO satisfying to know that there’s been so much hard work put into it.


Photo : KuroKaze Photography


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