I was racking my brain, thinking of fun cosplays that people will like and this vague idea of the pigeon meme popped into my head. A quick google search showed other renditions of it that I thought were a little boring so i decided to actually go all in and to become the butterfly/pigeon ?

It is fairly simple, the costume had large cardboard wings with straps which went along with an antenna headband and matching yellow clothing. Making the wings was the hardest and most involved part!

The response was amazing at AnimeNEXT, I was being stopped every minute or so, to be photographed or complimented. Many did not take photos but instead laughed aloud or made their friends look too. The reception was great. Some went as far as saying it was their favorite thing that day ! I’m just glad I could bring a smile to everyones faces and have fun at the same time.

I’ve met a bunch of new friends and it has taught me to finish cosplay props early and that an exacto knife is sharper than you may think. (scraped the floor while cutting stuff)

This is an amazing community and im glad to be a part of it. Now to brainstorm on next year’s popular cosplay! As a shameless self plug check out my IG for random cool art and stuff! Cheers!

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Photo : Nerd Caliber

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