When I got on stage for the cosplay contest the entire room cheered. I was a little overwhelmed because it was my first time making it in a contest. Literally everywhere I turned people were like "OMG IT'S SQUIRREL GIRL" lol. Also, I would've never imagined that one picture taken in passing by my friend would go viral like it did, we didn't even notice what was going on in the background. I never expected to be turned into a meme! 😂

The idea to use Squirrel Girl for the convention was brought up by my friend Eli. I was struggling to decide what I wanted to cosplay next for a comic book expo.

The way I put her together is pretty simple. The tail stuffing is from and old body pillow I never used anymore, and the fabric was the brown faux fur from the walmart fabric aisle. I flipped the fabric over to the back side and traced out 2 halfs of a squirrel tail, and after sewing, stuffed it full of the old pillow stuffing. The jacket I purchased from Ross Dress for Less and the leotard is just a basic one from Forever 21, I just had to find the right color. The shoes I purchased from JCPenny long before I ever considered cosplaying Squirrel Girl. People always wonder how I attached the tail to the jacket and how it moves. With the help of my 2 friends CelSaga (IG) and Squid_Bit (IG), we harnessed it through the collar of the jacket with some thin ribbon and down in the inside on my left and right side and safety pinned it to my bra through the leotard. That way I don't have to hold it up and it swings freely. The ears were hand sewn with leftover faux fur and connected to headband and the white trim on the base of the leotard is leftover scrap from my friend's tracer cosplay.

Cosplay has given me another outlet to express my creativity, I'm usually painting. I didn't really get into making cosplays until a few years after high school because I wasn't able to afford it. Cosplay has also given me more of a social life, I was a social recluse and burying myself in work before I started helping out and managing AKIOBOY. People sometimes give me funny looks when I tell them I've only been cosplaying 2 years when they think I've been doing it for about 10, not sure why??

-- Panadonia

Photo : Momo Clicks Photography


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