So I came up with the idea of a Sharkado costume when I took my shark onesie to a friends house and her dad saw it and suggested a sharknado costume.

It’s put together with 2 hula hoops with fabric hot glued and zip-tied to each hula hoop to create the tornado, then I spray painted it with shades of blue and gray. After that, my friend and I spent an afternoon hot gluing sharks and bits of clouds to it, and ribbons for straps. And then it was done. The shark mask was a birthday gift from my mom, so I didn’t make that.

The response at the convention was a super positive one, with lots of people stopping me for photos and everywhere I went I heard whispers of “sharknado?”

The best interaction I had was when I was told to come back to a certain booth so the vendor could see me, and when I came back she was super happy to see my costume, and it was really cool to put smiles on so many people’s faces. Also, I got to be apart of a video on a YouTube channel called BestowTvwhere a Korra cosplayer was “bending” the sharknado!

Cosplay has impacted my life in positive and negative ways. The positives are making people smile with my costumes. The negatives tend to be the costs. Though, I’ll admit that the #Sharknado didn’t cost too much to make.

— @Alexis_Nemesis

Photo : @ithtorukk