I've always loved Satsuki as a character from Kill La Kill. She's a bad bitch. I love how powerful and strong she is. So I immediately wanted to cosplay her. Colossalcon seemed like the perfect con to cosplay such a revealing outfit. I think I would have gotten a little more flack if I wore it to other, less swim-suit-y cons.

The armor parts were made out of eva foam, contact cement, paint, and a lot of crying into the void. The fabric parts were commissioned from my friend, Knitsune Cosplay . The armor, I cut and assembled, myself, but @Dannysfinalcosplay  helped me with the initial design and gave me a lot of advice during construction.

It went over really well at Colossalcon ! A revealing cosplay like this can get a lot of hate, even if it is accurate to the source material. I initially did a scheduled shoot with her, but once I got into the water park area, I got a lot of positive response to the cosplay. I felt a little overwhelmed with how many people asked for my photo actually. But I was really happy with how well received it was.

Cosplay has really helped me come out of my shell. I feel like I can really express myself and be my real self in the community. And the confidence has spread to other areas of my life.

Right now I'm actually on a little break from cosplay. I had an emergency surgery recently, but I'm hoping to make a full recovery soon. I'll still be posting older content and content from ColossalCon as it comes back. I hope to have a new cosplay done by August, but I know I might not make that quota. Please check out my instagram for more updates!

--- Aeris: Goddess of Chaosplay and Discord

Photo : https://www.instagram.com/Cosfame/