I was suppose to originally go to Momocon, and Capcom was going to be there. I’m a big fan of Street Fighter, and I’ve cosplayed everyone from Chun Li, Laura, and Laura. I chose to do Cammy Bison because I fell love with the action figure awhile back.

I used a hat hack on doing her general’s hat. I made a pvc vinyl hat cover and slipped it over the hat. I used the same pvc fabric to create zipperdetail in front of my jumpsuit. The armor is a combination of worbla thermoplastic and eva foam. I decided to go brunette instead of Cammy’s classic blond to lean towards Bison.

I do Street Fighter cosplays all the time. Many of people gave me compliments and took photos with me. I have to admit I felt badass, when I put the whole look together. Most people were just referring me as Lady Bison when in reality I’m Cammy turned to dark side. Then this 10 year old boy saw me and was like omg it’s Evil Cammy lol. He was completely correct. 

I felt like an outsider all my life. Cosplay help me find people who I can relate to and share my artistic creativity with. I’m so grateful for cosplay and all the wonderful experiences I’ve enjoyed.

I want people to know that there are different segments of cosplay, and there’s a place for everyone. I entered cosplay, because I like to make costumes; however, it doesn’t mean you have to make your cosplay to be considered a cosplayer. All it takes is you putting your costume on, respecting others, and having a great time.

—- Haute Cosplay

Photo : https://www.instagram.com/airyukun/