A very talented friend of ours, @vixxenfx (IG), has been a huge fan of Jeff Goldblum since she was a kid. Once we discovered that he would be at Megacon, she had the idea of doing the Earth Girls Are Easy cosplay. Each person was responsible for their own specific design, but we wanted to stay within a generalized 80s theme. We decided that wearing full body fur during a Florida summer would be insane, so we opted for body paint instead, and added fur embellishments. Since we were doing the female version of the aliens, and in the movie you only get to see the male version, we definitely felt that we had room to explore the design. Because the movie is so classic 1980s, we each chose a different iconic 80s trend and built from that (blue=valley girl, red=Suzanne Sommers unitard, yellow=punk).

@Vixxenfx (IG) designed and built the helmets and belts so we would all be symmetrical for those iconic pieces, but the rest of the costume was up to each individual person to design.

We were quite surprised at the level of response we got! We were proud of our finished product, but being that the movie is 30 years old and we dramatically changed the overall appearance of the characters, we weren't expecting a lot of recognition. However, people were coming up to us all day, commenting on the costumes and recognizing who we were portraying. It was a very happy surprise!

You always want more time with these celebrities, but you rarely get it... We were being shoved thru the line so fast that we didn't even have time to have a 5 second conversation, but I was watching Jeff's face when 'Mac', the blue alien, walked up for him to sign her helmet. First, he did a double take, then the biggest smile broke out on his face. You could see that it took him a second, but then the realization hit and he knew exactly what cosplay we were doing. It was most excellent !

We've been dressing up for as long as we can remember! As a kid, it's acceptable, but once you hit a certain age people start looking down their nose a little at you. Eventually you either cave to the pressure, or you ignore those judgy stares and just do what makes you happy. And nothing makes us happier than when we get to use our creativity to build our costumes and wear them proudly! We absolutely love costuming, and we also love that we have evolved into a group of people who share the same obsession! We bounce ideas off of each other, brainstorm on the best techniques, and work together to get a finished product that we can take pride in.

---- Wizards of Cos

BLUE: Vixen FX Cosplay
RED: The KSCosplay
YELLOW: @fairyterri (FB)