I like to do cosplays of shows or movies that I have recently watched. I think the reason why is because my excitement for the show is still fresh in my mind and it really gets me motivated to work on a cosplay of it. With my Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay I saw they were making a new season and it look interesting, so I wanted to start with the original series’s first. A lot of the time I had Cardcaptor Sakura playing in the background while I worked on the cosplay, it helped keep me inspired as I worked!

Every piece of my costume except for the wig and shoes were made by hand. The Sealing Wand was the most challenging for me as I had never made any props before. The handle is made out of PVC pipe, the bottom gem is made of painted oven-baked clay, and the top head piece is made from sculpted Insulation foam dipped in Plaster of Paris and painted, then sprayed with a clear sealant. The cap was actually the most fun to make. It is made of cut up cereal boxes for the structure, and then I used a knit performance fabric and wrapped it around the cardboard.I used a lot of knit performance fabrics for the rest of the costume as well which gave it a clean and rich look.

I had an overwhelmingly positive response to this cosplay.I am relatively new to cosplaying so it was extremely uplifting to have so many people take interest in this cosplay in particular. I think why people enjoyed this one is because it is a battle outfit of hers that does not get done very often and it also has a fun nostalgic quality to it. It brought me so much joy to see people so excited and interested in my cosplay.

I think the most interesting thing that has ever happened to me while cosplaying was actually at ACen while I was wearing this cosplay. I had just gotten done taking a couple of pictures when I heard a girl hysterically screaming my characters name. This obviously caught my attention and I turned to look at her. She was sitting on the ground bowing and tearing up a bit. She then proceeded to asking if I would marry her, which definitely threw me off guard. Needless to say I did not marry her, but I did agree to a picture.

Cosplay has had such a positive impact on my life. When I was first in college I had no idea what direction to take my life and I think many can relate to that. I had so many interests such as acting, theater, travel, sewing, painting, and more . However I couldn’t find a way to focus and tie in all of my interests which caused me a lot of stress in college because I felt like I could only focus on one of these things while neglecting the others. I ended up dropping out of college and going to work full-time at a local fabric store where I met a co-worker turned friend who did cosplay. He motivated me to put my creative talents to the test and go to my first con, since then I haven’t looked back. Cosplay gave me an outlet for so many of my interests while also giving me a clearer path in life.As for now I have plans to go back to school and pursue a degree in apparel design, and someday, once my skills have improved more, I hope to start making custom cosplay for others and turn my passion into a business.

I hope that anyone out there who has a passion that isn’t necessarily deemed profitable, whether it’s cosplaying, professional gaming, creating art, writing, traveling, etc. that you have the courage to pursue it and make it and important and joy-giving part of your life!

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Photo : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi-C8Rinu7v/