Well, we decided before the convention we were attending that we had to recreate at least two memes. So a bunch of our friends stood there and took the photos, and already then other con-goers laughed and liked the idea we had with the meme. And I think it fitted well? I mean, Haruka wouldn't cheat on Michiru, but she DID kiss Usagi, so the idea were just perfect!


Cons in Norway are awesome after not opinion! We actually have alot of them, at least 10 each year, if not more! Of course, some are really small but that doesn't matter. The biggest I'd say is Spill Expo, even if it's mostly gaming and such the cosplay stage has gotten bigger over the past years.  But the biggest cosplay and nerd convention has been Desucon, I'm not entirely sure but I think it's around 3-5 thousand attending.

Usually in Norway the dealer room is combined with the artist alley :)  There's a lot of panels in Norway! Worbla, patterns, polymorph, wig styling, skit/performance panels, literally everything  cover what a cosplayer "need". As for activities, I know there are meet-ups for different fandoms and stage shows hosted by the various conventions.  But we also have cosplay competitions and qualifications at many of the conventions. Norway attends The Nordic Cosplay Championship and Eurocosplay.

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Haruka Tenou :  @sophieriis
Usagi Tsukino : @mathildesommer