After the first season of the new Voltron I fell in love. However as the seasons progressed I started leaning towards Witch Hagar the more I started to watch her personal story unfold. It was a couple of nights before NYCC and I went to a scape place where they sell anything and everything donated to them, including fabric. When I saw that gorgeous 5 yards of deep plum, I knew I could bust it out. 

Everything just sort of worked out for me in this. Lipstick was bought previously cause it was called outerspace. The long sleeve shirt was an old cardigan I bought for my Junko cosplay. The wig was previously made for me by Goby Geohaghan as an everyday wig. Contacts were previously bought in case I resurrect my Weeping Angel. Fabric was like 5 bucks at SCRAP BMore . Fangs were from American Gothic for my Gastly cosplay. I used a black skirt I messed up on at the bottom of the long rectangular dress. Its very simple shapes for actual construction so I had time to add big ass pockets. The gold details were just a type of spray paint. I made a stencil of the decoration on her cape and just went to town hours before I hopped on the bus to NYC. 

I got such a wonderful response! I get into the character when I cosplay so I lunge at people when they ask for a photo, I drift around as I walk. I went full creepy and people were down for it. There was heavy amount of Voltron cosplayers that year so we pretend fought in the middle of the con floor. You can’t beat experiences like that!

Costuming has always been apart of my life, my first was actually Scary Spice so I’m sure that dates me. Mom’s a seamstress, Dad’s a photographer they’re both nerds so there was no hope of me being normal. My mom surprised me on my 18th birthday with Katsucon. Seeing all the cosplayers there, realizing I could wear costumes outside of Halloween changed my life for the better. 

Listen, I’m a plus size, half West Indian, natural haired, black woman; I’m no stranger to prejudices. There have been many times where photographers would tell me I’m not accurate or I’m not their type and the reason is mainly my skintone. I’m not society’s standard of beauty and I love both that and myself. There aren’t many characters that look like me, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. You will find that there are people in this world who want you to feel like your nothing and that you enjoying yourself is wrong. It’s a toxic mentality that unfortunately leads those, especially those of color, to not want to participate in this wonderful hobby. They’re everywhere including in the cosplay community. Thats why things like #blackcosplayerhere are so important and why we should talk about these things. We need to shed light on discrimination within our community so make it even better for the next generation and to show them that its not stopping us from cosplaying what we love.

— Kurenai Kiba

Photo : Colin Douglas Gray