ALL the people who have never seen Steven Universe thought I was Medusa. Which is funny because I don’t remember Medusa having so many hands πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Also many congoers tended to high five my extra hands make puns like β€œcan I lend you a hand?” Or β€œI gotta hand it to ya.”

The Temple was a last resort for my cosplay lineup. I originally planned on making another cosplay but it was taking too long to finish. So I decided to start on an easier project, the Temple.

I tried to stick with any lightweight and cheap materials I could find. I couldn’t afford to buy a high quality wig so I decided to make one out of craft foam strips sewn together to a sleeping cap. The mask is also made out of craft foam. The arms are made of rolled up packing foam with wire from my clothes hangers to keep the arms up. I attached the wire pieces to a harness which was made with a frisbee along with elastic straps. I used grey tights from @welovecolors for my legs as well as all my arms. As for the cape, I used a long grey skirt I found at Goodwill and glitter glued some swirls on it.

Cosplay has impacted me in ways I never thought imaginable. A couple years ago, I was awful at socializing and tended to lose my confidence easily. I’ve always heard about comic conventions but I wasn’t interested in the idea of cosplaying. But when I heard that one of my favorite voice actors was coming to a convention near me, I thought that it was time that I’d try something new. Making my first cosplay was worth all the fun that I had while wearing it. From getting photo requests to meeting new friends, my confidence grew.


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