The second I saw the first leaked clips and pictures of Ben Affleck in the suit I knew I had to make it. Batman has always been my favorite superhero and seeing a version of the Dark Knight Returns in full armor on the big screen completely blew me away

 So far I’ve made 3 different versions of the actual armor and 4 versions of the helmet. Each version of the costume was made using the Pepakura Designer software. The first version was made using files by Master Mod on YouTube. This version was made with cardboard which was originally going to be a full resin suit. The second and third versions were made using files by Aztlan. The second version was also made with cardboard. The third and final version was made out of eva foam. The first 2 helmets were both made of cardboard, both of which were oversized and extremely inaccurate. The 3rd version (my current one) was made of cardstock paper, strengthened with fiberglass resin, and smoothed and detailed with body filler. The fourth version is still in the works but its scaled smaller to fit better in proportion to the suit, and hopefully more lightweight.

Since Batman’s debut at MegaCon in 2017, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback and overwhelming support. The first hour and a half at MegaCon I was stuck at the entrance of the convention taking nonstop pictures and chatting up with fellow cosplayers on the process of making the suit! Since then every convention that I’ve brought this suit to has had almost the exact same response!

I started building helmets in my room one summer out of sheer boredom and curiosity. Since then its become my passion to build costumes and my dream is to start my own costume company. The impact that cosplay has had on my life is completely surreal. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. — 


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