I sometimes have people come to me and say “I wish I could do what you do.” And my response is always that you can! I’ve been costuming for upwards of 8 years, and honestly I wasn’t particularly good at it for at least the first half of it. Compared to a lot of people I’ve met, I was actually a very slow learner (and I still have a long way to go!). You just have to persevere. Cosplaying isn’t just a skill that you’re born with. Keep working and trying your best!

I had actually already made several costumes from Voltron when I heard that Lotor was going to be introduced as a character. Before I even saw the design, I knew I would want to cosplay him, so as soon as the season he was introduced in aired, I dove right into the design process! It was a challenging outfit, but very rewarding!

The outfit is a body suit and armor. For the patterning, I made a duct tape cast of my body and drew on the shapes to be transferred onto paper, then fabric or foam. My armor is made entirely of EVA foam that I covered in stretch vinyl. I prefer the fabric covering method for armor because it helps keep it sturdy and sleek without sacrificing flexibility like if you use something like worbla.

Overall, the response at conventions has been overwhelmingly positive! I love cosplaying characters with supporting roles because it opens up opportunities to get fun pictures with anyone who’s cosplaying the main characters. Lotor is one of my favorite costumes to take to conventions for that reason.

Actually, I do have a fun story from the first time I wore him to a convention. I was walking in one of the open areas at AWA when someone came up to me and asked me, you guessed it, if I would step on them for a picture. That started an entire line of people asking for pictures of me stepping on them. It was maybe 10 people in a row! I should have started charging.

Cosplay has been a HUGE impact on my life, especially over the last few years. No other hobby has allowed me to meet as many people and make SO many friends. Plus, it really is an art form! Cosplay has given me the opportunity to develop skills and create things that I can truly be proud of.

—- Holy Grail Cosplay

Photo : https://www.instagram.com/eccentric__fox/