I’m absolutely in love with Peggy Carter and watched the series live every Tuesday night when it was still running. I had also been wanting to get back into the cosplay scene for a while and figured it was perfect to go as one of my favorite Marvel characters!

The dress was made from royal blue Kona Cotton, machine sewed from the Simplicity 8050 pattern. The wrist cuffs weren’t in the pattern, so I just transferred them over from a men’s button-down shirt. I also got a wig, shoes, and the fedora is actually a replica of the one created for the series sold by Stetson. I think the most challenging part was that it featured some new things I hadn’t done in my sewing career before, but doing them has helped me improve my sewing so much.

People loved it! One of my favorite feelings is always having my character recognized at a con and being asked to take pictures. I think one of my favorite moments was going out onto the stage during the costume contest and hearing the audience cheer. It just felt so rewarding. The more surprising part is that the pictures of this cosplay exploded on tumblr. I still get notes for it constantly and people have been so nice on there. Someone even wants to renew Agent Carterwith me playing Peggy. Maybe it’ll happen one day ;)

The first time I cosplayed her, most people actually thought I was Carmen Sandiego. I went and bought a shield to carry around with me and people instantly knew who I was. It’s just funny how a small prop addition changed everyone’s perception of who I was.

I started cosplay in 10th grade after some friends got me into it. It’s actually gotten me into costuming, which is one of my current jobs and also became part of my major in college. It’s definitely made me a more creative person and has given me an avenue for learning things I probably otherwise wouldn’t have learned.

Cosplay who you want and don’t care about what you look like, how tall you are, or how much you weigh. People will still like it. Just ignore the haters.

– https://www.instagram.com/19brihart96/