KAYLALA COSPLAY : Thumbelina has always been one of my cosplay dreams! It was a special movie between me and my sister that we would watch to lift our spirits when we were down. We still watch it to this day even though we are well into our twenties! I love Thumbelina’s spunk, positive outlook and her dreams of true love conquering all. I had mentioned it to my friend James as sort of a joke because I thought he’d NEVER cosplay a fairy prince.. but when he posted it to his IG story and everyone responded his fate was sealed, haha! He had cosplayed Howl with me when I did Sophie for Howls Moving Castle so it was great to reunite our cosplay forces!

TIME FLASH : Well it was actually all my Thumbelina’s Kaylala Cosplayidea and essentially dream cosplay to do. After about a year of asking I finally agreed to do the cosplay with her

KAYLALA COSPLAY : My wig was so lovingly made by Liz from @royalenchantments on IG and on Etsy. She makes pretty much all my cosplay wigs and has been so kind and generous to support me! And I adore getting the opportunity to model her beautiful hair! My dress was made by @sirpandacat(IG), we decided together to add some special details like lace and a little flower detail on the front. My sister bought me my shoes. It was so nice to have her as a little part of the character we love so much!

TIME FLASH : The costume was commissioned by an Etsy costumer known by An Alternate Reality, we worked together to give the costume a little more flare by using patterned fabrics. The wings were provided by HelloFaerie and are probably my favorite piece of the costume entirely, and the wig was provided by Royal Enchantments Wigs.

KAYLALA COSPLAY : Thumbelina is an old Don Bluth movie that not everyone has seen. However the reaction was still amazing! People were brought to tears from the nostalgia and appreciated our tribute to this beloved magical movie. Most of the people that recognized us also knew all the beautiful songs to the movie and they would start singing “let me be your winggggsss” it was so sweet!!

TIME FLASH : People loved the cosplays, there was a lot of nostalgia and happiness in their faces. It was so great to see the reactions of everyone while we low-key struggled to make our way through the convention center.

The wings, as lovely as they are, are probably the deadliest accessories I’ve ever worn. Mostly joking of course, but with my height and with the size of the wings it was a constant game of cos-dodge as I weaved through the crowd. Luckily the only victims of my wingspan were my closer friends.

KAYLALA COSPLAY : Cosplay brought me out of a very dark place. I’ve never had so many friends or had so much fun in my entire life. I’ve always loved music and theatre and did musical theatre all through high school. Cosplay fills my void for music and magic. I cosplay a lot of princesses and kid friendly characters as well and nothing beats making a little one’s day when they see their favorite princess walk through the door. It’s just… THE BEST!!

TIME FLASH : Cosplay has flipped my life completely upside down in the best ways possible. My confidence is at an all time high, I believe I am capable of great things in this community and I know I am accepted among so many genuine and kind hearted others. It truly is the best experience ever to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals.

KAYLALA COSPLAY : I am so grateful to be able to cosplay.. Cosplay can cost a lot money and time and I am very lucky to have a kind soul like Liz let me wear her wigs. Her fiery soul and spirit help to fuel my own with each new Cosplay! … don’t ever let anything stop you from cosplaying. Cosplay is a beautiful, accepting, magical world where you can be whatever you want to be. It takes you on the most exciting adventures and brings your favorite characters to life.. if you haven’t tried it, YOU REALLY MUST!

TIME FLASH : Yes, this cosplay was a group effort among three companies and two cosplayers. They’re all so amazing and none of this would have been possible without them, so I encourage you to go give their accounts a look.

Thumbeina : https://www.instagram.com/kaylalacosplay/
Prince Cornelius : https://www.instagram.com/time_flash/

Photo ; @adamantium92