The idea started with the basic Super Sonico Snow White figurine and decided we wanted to see what it would look like with some of the other princesses. So we sketched up designs and started planning, and managed to fit some Vocaloid characteristics as well, since Super Sonico and Vocaloid are decently similar.

It was a long process of trial and error, but in the end we were overall happy with the way they turned out. The corsets, in particular, we're the hardest parts, because we had to punch in eyelets and lace it up, as well as make pocketing for the boning to go in. We admit, we could've done a lot better but we were in a time crunch because of how much we had to finish before the con.

Almost everyone knew who we were, and we were constantly getting stopped for pictures, which is always a good sign. Even some of the people at the craft fair took photos with us! We also competed in the masquerade, and we had a great crowd reaction and ended up winning a Judges Award with the costumes as well.

I was the first in my family to get involved in cosplay when I was twelve. I slowly began to sew and handmade all my costumes, as well as compete. I find it all so exciting. Eventually, I dragged my cousin (Ariel) and sister (Belle), into doing a cosplay with me in 2015. My cousin fell in love and has been doing it with me sense, and my sister tags along sometimes as well when she can. Slowly we've brought it to be something normal with the rest of our family.

The best part of cosplaying for me, personally, is the community and the overall acceptance of everyone and everything. Beginner, or expert, accurate, simple, or complex the cosplay, nobody judges each other and we all accept and help each other out. We're like a big family, and I think that's what drew me in even more, because I cherished it so much. Even if your strangers with someone, you feel like you know them instantly and you feel at ease and at home. Which is the best kind of feeling, and it's why I continue to cosplay and go to conventions.

- Alpha Cosplay, Hayley, Peyton