( Top l-r top row : Travis Turner, Kashmirkitten , Banana Steve, Laughing Fox Cosplay  Bottom row : KittieCosplay, Iron.Lung, Diana Prince w/ help from rpgadventures )


The idea started with kashmirkitten. I believe she asked her friend Travis to be Jack Burton to her Gracie Law.  I overheard and asked to be Miao Yin. It blew up into a group from there.  My favorite experience wearing this costume was winning best group at the masquerade and then getting to meet Adam Savage

 -- Laughing Fox Cosplay (Miao Yin)

This whole thing started with my love/obsession with the cult classic Big Trouble in Little China. Everything about this movie is just WOW! The costume design, especially, catches your attention. I love the character of Gracie; strong, brilliant and kind. I set out to make her and wear by lonesome. Low and behold, in the beautiful way that cosplay brings people together and encourages friendship, all my talented friends immediately jumped on board with equal excitement!

We toiled away for months and finally made it to Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 where we won Best Group Cosplay in the Costume Contest. This whole endeavor was a learning experience, a bonding of friendships and just unforgettable. My favorite part was seeing how excited people would get when they saw our group. They'd see Jack and get excited, then they'd notice Gracie, Miao Yin or Lo Pan and get MORE excited. Then they'd see The Storms and just lose it! I'm very glad we were able to bring this Classic to life for them.

--- kashmirkitten (Gracie)

When I found out that Lighting was available, I kept my cool, but was secretly fist pumping in my mind! Not only is Lightening my favorite character in the movie, but I was crazy excited to make his armor. I'm not the best person at sewing and do almost all of it by hand, but what I am good at and enjoy making most is armor & painting! I had a lot of fun in this cosplay at SVCC, for the fact that I didn't really tell anyone I was working on this project. When we walked the convention floor, I kept seeing my friends take photos of us, but no one knew it was me under that humongous hat. It's pretty fun to be at an event incognito and see everyone's reactions to your cosplay. I had always wanted to be a part of a big cosplay group, and to have my first one be with this group of amazingly talented friends & to win the title of "Best Group" at Silicon Valley Comic Con is something I will remember forever!

--- Kittie Cosplay (Lighting)

Well for me the best part was getting to work with friends and sharing ideas. Day of the con was a blast. Getting stopped for pics is always fun.   It was nice to see all the hard work and long hours where appropriate by Con goers.

--- Iron.Lung (Thunder)

I vaguely remember the movie from childhood, but once I watched it as an adult I was reminded of how amazing this movie really is. With the new found interest in the movie it was easy to get excited to be part of this group.

While being in costume at SVCC the most memorable experience was how many people recognized the characters and posing for more than 5 min while people took our picture. Rain's Cosplay was also my first complete head to toe homemade costume.

--- Diana Prince (Rain)

This Big Trouble in Little China will definitely be in the defining moment of this years SVCC.  Two of the members wanted to do the costumes and I mentioned to them how much I love the movie and James Hong so it was a perfect fit for them to suggest I be Lo Pan.  After that, it was picking the rest of the cast and we KNEW we had to do the cast justice by doing the Storms.  The rest was magic... and Cosplay stress !

--- Banana Steve (Lo Pan) 


It goes without saying, this was an amazing experience and I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to cosplay with. This was my second complete cosplay and first time in a group! The talent and skills I got to see from this group has left me wanting to improve myself to try and get close to their level. Building and modifying my Jack Burton took a lot if trial and error. Definitely a learning experience and something i want to do again.

The con was such a crazy experience! Our handlers knew just what to do to handle the onslaught of photos. I have never had so many photos taken in such a short amount of time. Being part of the Big Trouble in Little China cult classic was humbling. Getting to see just how excited people got seeing Gracie Law, then the Storms, then realizing we were ALL there! Fulfulling is the best way to describe it. Definitely looking forward to more cons and cosplays in the future!

--- Travis Turner (Jack Burton)

This was a different experience for us, as we were a part of the group as fabricators and handlers in costume, instead of purely cosplayers. It was great to see reactions and enthusiasm from people and feeling proud of all the work we did as a group. It's a far better feeling to have achieved this goal with friends, and being able to have a single vision of what needed to be achieved. We think the most surreal moment was being back stage, as we hadn't competed before, and more so when we were asked to go back again during the final judging. It was an experience of a lifetime.

 We took on the general design of the Storms and fabricated most of the cloth pieces, and coordinated with the others to make sure the look of the props and pieces fit together. Different parts of the costumes were being put together in three different cities, and while it was extremely difficult, it all came together better than we could have hoped.

--- rpgadventurers