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Well it started back in 2010, Halloween Day. I wanted to dress up as character and walk around. At that time I knew nothing about cosplay. I heard of it but I didn't know how it worked. So by me being a fan of Blade I has decided that I would try and pull it off. And the results? It was amazing!

My very first suit I out together myself. It took only a few hours but it wasn't until a year later I got real legit suit which was made for me because I worked offshore and I had no time to make something like that and didn't even know how.

You would be amazed on how many Blade fans exist! From young....to an older fan base. When they see me they mistake me for Wesley every time! They love me and I love them...without them (fans) I am nothing. From women offering me kisses to young ladies geeking out as if they saw Michael Jackson. I've had one woman come to me and tell me "You're just a sexy chocolate man". I smile....say thank you! One lady wanted me to bite her....for real! I tried to pretend but she told me she wanted fangs on her skin. I was like "are sure?!". So I did it...lol. and she screamed not in agony...but like a fulfillment/happy/satisfactory type scream. I thought i was going to jail that day !

I discovered anime around the age of maybe 10 or 12, I can't remember. Sci-fi Channel use to play anime movies at night on Fridays. And I remember watching Fatal Fury and Armitage III For the first time and fell in love with it so much I taped over a few of my parents videos trying to record on VHS. From then on I was hooked on anime and I believe Street Fighter fell next....then....DBZ and it took off from there.

I've had a lot of positive effects since I've joined this crazy world of cosplay, I love it. I noticed I've inspired a lot of people especially in the black community. You have no idea how many young black men and women wanna cosplay but they are afraid because of what family would say, or even their friends. They see me cosplay and they see how happy I am and they ask me things like "how can I cosplay" "where do I start" etc. Some have shared so many deep stories with me about how the struggle is to dress up as, like, for example Superman. To many people seeing a black superman just makes some people look the other way. But in this world of cosplay anything goes and you can be who you want as long as it isn't racist or hurt anyone. I try to share my thoughts,ideas and love to all my cosplayers who wanna do it and come out of hiding. I can say I've opened a few set of eyes out there, and i will never stop.

-- Mistasupaboy