When the second series for Avatar came out, I was pretty hyped, but I didn't know it was going to feature a brown gal like myself, so I was really excited. I saw the first season, and did my best to try and catch up with it all but I was usually busy with work. I already had plans in place to cosplay Korra in her first look, with the ponytail and thicker boots, but when the last few seasons were released with her new look... Oh my gosh, I just remember saying "Wow!" She looked so strong and super confident, at least to me. Also the darker shades of blue, the newer arm adornments and thinner boots just had me captivated. I'm a huge fan of blue, haha. Nonetheless, I decided I was going to cosplay this new look. Besides that, I chose Korra to cosplay, one because she looks a lot like me which had me ecstatic, but also I've always admired the Avatar and how everyone respects them so deeply, and I would have never thought they'd make the next one a brown woman.

When it comes to the construction of Korra... Oy, that was a whole entire mess. First, I was just going to get the cosplay commissioned because I was being lazy. (Nothing wrong with a bought cosplay!) I ordered it from a pretty reputable cosplay workshop from China on Etsy. I've bought quite a few things from China, so I had no worries. I gave my measurements, and waited. A few weeks later, the costume comes, and I'm excited, and I open the costume and... It's super huge. The top is the wrong color, the arm guards are huge as hell. The waist cape thing doesn't fit me. Everything except the pants are a mess. So I panicked, but then remembered I got a sewing machine as a gift recently. I never used a sewing machine before this (I hand-sewed every costume before this one), and thought this is as good as a time to try it out. Went to JoAnn's, got some thread, new materials to make the new hip cape, etc. and got to work. I learned a lot of new things with this costume, like how to take things in, or how to use a sewing machine in general. The top I couldn't for the life of me figure out then, so I had my friend Caroline make one for me, bless her. She did it within a day.

The veil poi that I used for the bending I made myself. My favorite one between the water and the fire one is the fire of course, it's an element I definitely relate to, like Korra. Despite being born as a Waterbender she uses fire a lot, usually when angry. She's very passionate and headstrong, much like myself.

Some funny stories as Korra: I've smacked myself in the mouth with the fire poi. That's never fun when it's happening, but it's funny in retrospect, other than that, there's been plenty of close calls with the poi, and I always have to duck them. I learned how to use them specifically for this costume, and I love just playing with them now for my entertainment. I've also smacked OTHER people with the poi. I remember during a shoot, the waterbending one flew off the ring I wear to spin it, and popped someone right in the back of their head. I ran over and apologized profusely for it. Luckily for me they were okay, and didn't get angry at me.

All in all, I love cosplaying Korra because she makes me feel bold. A lot of the characters I cosplay make me feel that way, but something about Korra looking like me allows me to feel bold in my own skin, in a sense. It's simply fantastic.

--- Bree the V