Okay, so the idea for the Cloak of Levitation came about during Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con. Some friends and I were talking about the Doctor Strange movie and we mentioned how the Cloak was the best part of the movie. It was at that point I realized I wanted to BE the Cloak and then we were joking around and coming up with all these ridiculous ideas on how to build the Cloak and what i could do for photos and with other con goers. Thus the Cloak of Levitation cosplay idea was born !

I actually had the Cloak commissioned by my friend Nichole [ see interview with her at end of article.] We met up a few times to discuss how I wanted the Cloak to look like, it was then that we realized how many different versions of the Cloak existed. Between the MCU, the multiple Comic Book versions, and the shows, we had to figure out which Cloak to go with. We decided to go with the seaming from the movie, the gold trim and the pointed collar from the comics. After that we were discussing how I was going to wear the Cloak. We decided to keep the magic alive and make sure that I couldn’t be seen at all, so we went with this tent idea. Nichole and her friends at Trail Products Inc. designed a PVC harness for me to wear along with a back pack and a kidney belt. Without them this cosplay wouldn’t be as amazing as it was!

The reactions that I was receiving at Wondercon was just… absolutely MIND BLOWING! People were coming up to me left and right asking for photos or just wanted to compliment the costume. Like, the moment I walked up to the RFID scanners people were saying things and pointing me out. I actually had very good visibility from inside the Cloak, so I was able to notice when people had their phones and cameras out. Im just absolutely blown away by everyones reaction. This is my first REAL cosplay and it started off as a bunch of my friends an I joking around, and i was getting stopped consistently. For someone who normally acts as a Handler or ConMom, this was a completely different experience. I really don’t know how to put it into proper words,

Oh god, there were so many amazing moments that happened with con goers - especially with every single Doctor Strange cosplayer I found. There was one Doctor Strange cosplayer that crossed my path in the exhibit hall and we just basically ran into each others arms. It was great! Another one happened with one of my Cosplay idols / Friend. Amberskies Cosplay and I had a moment on Saturday where we just danced together like that scene from Sleeping Beauty during "Once Upon A Dream". There is actually a video of it on her Instagram, it was absolute magic!

Oh, I ran into an Edna Mode cosplayer from the Incredibles on Saturday and we recorded her yelling at me “NO CAPES!” I just couldn’t help it, it was too perfect! Actually I think one of my favorite reactions was from one of Convention Center employees on day 1. A friend of mine was getting her badge, so I was hanging outside of Hall D waiting of her. The lady who was working kept yelling “IF YOU’RE PICKING UP YOUR LANYARDS HEAD DOWN TO THE DOUBLE DOORS ON THE RIGHT” and she kept pointing behind her. So i decided to be a complete dork and help direct foot traffic until my friend came out. We were laughing cause people couldn’t figure out if I worked for the Con, was a prop on display when i wasn’t moving, or what. But all the staff that was around just went with it and we had a good time! There are literally so many moments that stand out to me while I was wearing the Cloak, and it’s those moments are ones I will always hold on to!

Honestly, If it weren’t for the Con/Cosplay scene, I can’t say I’d be around right now. I know that sounds really dark, but I was just getting out of a really bad relationship where my nerdiness was consider a fault. I was trying to build my self out of this depressive state I was in and just decided to go to a Con (Comikaze Expo 2015) and I met people and just….felt at home. I was rediscovering who I was a person, as a nerd, just everything I needed. Throughout out this time, I found some of my closest friends, and the best people around. So when I’m asked how many parties I go to, or “OMG YOU’RE FRIENDS WITH THIS PERSON” or why am I into this nerd crap. All I tell them is this is where I found myself and where my family is. All of us are just big ol’ nerds/dorks/geeks that just want to express our love for our favorite characters and fandoms. And the support that is in this community is just MIND BLOWING! The Con scene helped develop the person I am now and the family i have grown to love!

-- ChaCha

When Chelsea first came to me with the proposal I knew this would be a fun and challenging build. First we sat down and decide on the aesthetic design of the cloak, as it changes between the comics, tv shows, and movie. We decided we liked the seaming in the movie and the gold trim and pointed collar of the comics and shows.

From there we spent a day in the fashion district picking out fabrics to achieve the look, including some of my favorite upholstery fabric as the base, an aged gold pleather and a loosely woven poly linen from Shavali Fabrics. We made a mock up and patterned out the swirling seaming on the cloak, and then the fun began of piecing the puzzle back together in the final fabrics, all sewn with french seams for strength and to imitate the piping that the movie cloak has.

Then I crafted the collar using 1/8th plastic sheeting that I heat shaped to look as if someone was wearing the cloak. The frame to support it was built with the help of Trail Products Inc, we built a PVC system that attached to the plastic plate in the cloak's shoulders that was supported with a custom back back and kidney belt. The cloak is actually 2 cloaks sewn at the sides to hide Chelsea which we modeled after the Magic Carpet from Disney's Aladdin Live at the Hyperion. I also crafted the wing details on the next from foam, spray paint and acrylic detailing for depth. A fun fact is there is over 16 yards of fabric that went into making this costume!

-- Nichole Ann