( photo :  NerdyPhotos  )

( photo : NerdyPhotos )

Last year, Amber Arden started a group called Mickey's Mandos that were mashups of Disney and Star Wars fandoms. Amber is known for her Snowba Fett and wanted a really big group of us, so I was asked to be a part of it and I decided on Woody, alongside my friends Ryan and Katrena who were Buzz and Jessie. Hendo had the idea for a Buzz Trooper so she asked me to team up and that's how we ended up with the duo for this WonderCon.

I had a lot of help from friends that are familiar with building Boba Fett/Star Wars armor, so they helped me cut and shape the armor pieces and form them, I literally couldn't have done it without them! I liked the idea of Woody being a grizzled bounty hunter so I weathered the helmet, giving it a lot of battle damage, and also a torn up cape. I wrapped cow print fabric around the pieces since that's a big part of Woody's look too. The flannel shirt was from a friend who used it for a Disneybound. I also added his hat on top of the helmet because I found it funny and it's also a pretty important part of his look.

I had a really surprising and positive response! I didn't expect it to be so well-received, and bringing it back this year with Hendo Art with her awesome Buzz Trooper was just lot of fun. I was glad that so many people got what we were, it was nice to have both Toy Story and Star Wars fans come up to us.

-- DogeMan Cosplay