( photo :  DTJAAAAM )

( photo : DTJAAAAM)

Sakura Con 2016 was my first Sakura con and convention of that size. All I could think for the next is “I need to step up my game.” I only had the one cosplay that I felt would really wow the crowd for a convention so big, and that was La Muerte. I made her fully about 2 years ago, and was determined to fix her and improve parts for Sakura so I could feel proud about wearing her and justify taking up 2/3rds of the room in the car while traveling. That hat is the only part of the cosplay that I cannot fit into a bag sadly. My roommates were so understanding about it though so I am super grateful.

La Muerte was my first really big project, and I kinda went into it blind. Before her I had only really done small sewing projects, and never one so detailed. I will admit to being lazy; I really did not want to paint or try and sew the pattern she has on her dress, so instead I found some Halloween lace in the skull pattern and attached that to the base fabric for the skirt before sewing the skirt. I honestly don't remember how I got the idea, but for the hat I used a large hoola hoop ( kindly donated by a friend), and a duct tape grid connecting it to the old fedora I had placed in the centre. Then my mum helped me stretch an old curtain from Salvation Army around the top and bottom and I hot glued it all into place.

All of the decorations on the cosplay are hot glued into place. The candles, the flowers, the feathers, all of it. The only thing that I may need to look into not using hot glue on is the candles that sit directly on the top of my head. I usually use either real candles or emergency battery candles and the hot glue just doesn't seem strong enough for them to last longer than a day.

The people and the reactions always make the hassle of this costume worth it though. People who have seen the movie are excited that someone managed to put together a cosplay for one of the more ornate characters and we usually end up talking about how beautiful the movie was. People who haven't seen the movie are impressed with the size and the small details. They usually think I’m just a La Catrina or Day of The Dead costume, which isn’t far off. Its great being able to appreciate the culture and lore around the movie with others who seem to love it just as much as I do. You don’t see many The Book of Life cosplays, so when you do you get really excited.

My favorite fans are most certainly the kids though. They are both excited and shy and they just light right up when they get to see and talk to one of their favorite movie characters. The most adorable thing is letting them wear the hat which is usually twice as large as they are, but they don’t care, just smile and run back to their moms giggling. It really makes things special while being in La Muerte.

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