I was honestly shocked at how much attention the costume got when I showed up. I had people yelling Rick and Morty quotes at me as soon as I walked in andstopping me every few minutes for pictures. I had a blast but I felt bad in a way that a costume that cost me about $5 to make was getting more attention than the hardcore cosplayers that spent large sums of money and countless hours of time and effort on their outfits. My girlfriend was with me the whole time as Tank Girl and I totally thought that she was going to steal the show. I guess you should never underestimate the power of good cartoons and obscure food references.

I have been a huge fan of Rick and Morty since the show first premiered. It is some of the best comedic writing I've seen of any show in many years. I naturally assumed thatthere would been many homages to Rick and Morty this year at C2E2 and I figured the Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Sauce costume was my best bet to have a unique but humorous costume to wear to the con.

I was lucky enough to have access to larger printer typically used for printing car vinyl graphics through a friend and the rest of the process involved lots of tin foil and cardboard. The hardest part of the costume was finding a high resolution picture of a delicious yet obscure McDonalds dipping sauce from the late nineties.

 I did happen to run into an older gentleman that was at C2E2 with his kids and I very awkwardly had to explain that I was dressed as a promotional dipping sauce that McDonalds had made to coincide with the release of the Mulan movie about 20 years ago. He just kind of gave me a blank stare as his kids died of laughter behind him.

--- Sean St. Michael   

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