( photo : Koji )

( photo : Koji )

So my inspiration came from the Roger Rabbit short called Trail Mix-Up. In it, she is depicted as a park ranger for "Yellowstain" National Park, and briefly appears to offer some help and give some advice to Roger and Baby Herman. I was inspired to do this version because it just seemed really comical, being that she's a park ranger, but wearing impossibly high bright red heels, and super short high waisted shorts. The pin up look is very cute, and the practicality laughable, and it just seemed like a fun cosplay to do that you don't see very often!

I made the shirt, shorts, and shirt on my own completely from scratch! The shirt was made of cotton, and fitted specifically to leave space for TWO Bombshell bras, so that I can get that ridiculous proportion that Jessica has. The belt is made using elastic and shiny spandex, with worbla for the belt buckle. And the shorts are made of a stretch material, and styled to look like her shorts, with a false fly-front, but real pockets! Hurray, functional cosplay pockets, haha.

I have only worn it to one con so far, which was Wondercon 2015, which was held on Easter Weekend in Anaheim. Though only a few older men got the reference, I did get a few others that also recognized me! Most likely it wasn't widely recognized due to the fact that the Roger shorts aren't widely known, but fans of Jessica know her silhouette anywhere. Jessica Rabbit especially has a cult following around the Disneyland area, as she's often snuck into small places, such as in some of the pin merchandise, or some special figurines. But for the most part, she isn't a widely featured Disney character.

However, that actually worked to my advantage in a way! I actually was able to enter the Disneyland park dressed as park ranger Jessica Rabbit. The outfit was obscure enough that no one had said anything to me once inside the park. I did get a few men, once again, that recognized it, and were impressed that I picked one of her obscure outfits! Yay, Roger Rabbit fans, haha!

Anyways, I was able to meet my darling Roger, since he was out on a special meet and greet for Easter, along with other rabbits, like White Rabbit and Thumper. Once I got to the front of the line to meet him, he was LOVESTRUCK and it was adorable! He instantly recognized me, and was flirting with me, and even gave me a kiss, haha. It was really awesome to have had that experience! I wouldn't normally push my luck like that, going to a Disney park in a costume, but Roger wouldn't be around on Halloween, so I knew it was probably going to be my only chance to do it! Plus Disney has gotten a lot stricter on their screening process lately (for safety reasons), so to be honest, I don't regret anything, I cherish it!

It was a really special moment for me, and I even made a few guests' days as well by reminding them that these wonderful little shorts exist. It was nice to bring that nostalgia back, and create a few smiles!

--- Momo Kurumi Cosplay