( photo :  Alvin Johnson  )

( photo : Alvin Johnson )

The Animaniacs is one of my all-time favorite shows! I also pinup model and the more I got into pinup modeling the more I started revisiting the amazing bombshells and Femme Fatales from the shows/movies I grew up with (Hello Nurse, Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy, etc) and inspired me to embrace my curvy figure. I had several friends that would greet me at conventions with a "HEEELLLOOOOO NURSE" which was what made me realize I absolutely needed to cosplay her! I also really enjoy cosplaying intelligent women, and as the show points out, Hello Nurse has an IQ of 192! 

Since I wanted this one to be a perfect match to the character, I started with screen grabs from the show and began breaking down pieces I owned (I had a blouse that was a perfect match for the top of her dress), things it would be easier to buy than make (shoes, nurse cap, vintage-style stockings, blonde wig), and based off that, determined how to make whatever was left. Much to my surprise, it was impossible to find a white fitted pencil skirt so I decided to sew my own. Props are also very important to me in cosplay - I feel it's the extra bit that pushes something from being good to amazing. I found the amazing plushes of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot on Ebay, and completed the look with vintage-styled make-up, vintage earrings from my great grandmother, and used a foam roller to create her iconic bangs.

I had an overwhelmingly positive response to my cosplay - I was thrilled how many people remembered her and the show! I was hoping people would call out the hilarious "HEEEELLLLLOOOOO NURSE" and I was getting call outs and cheers from over 100's of feet away. I consider it all together a huge success! I also had several friends after the fact say they didn't ever recognize/realize it was me, which is one of the greatest compliments I can get for a cosplay! I actually found that a lot more kids recognized me than I expected. The show was recently added to Netflix and parents were saying how they loved being able to share it with their kids because it was also one of their favorites growing up too. The funniest was two little girls who chase me down for a picture and then quote all of their favorite jokes from the show!

-- Kelsey Walmer