( photo : Britany Quinn Photography )

( photo : Britany Quinn Photography )

When I was playing League of Legends, I saw this skin of Poppy and I thought this would be really super fun to make. I had a vision of how I would make her, including making the wig out entirely of yarn. I was up for a new challenge and to try something different. Generally, when I pick cosplays, I like cosplaying variations of a character that not many people have cosplayed as. I wasn’t see a whole lot of Ragdoll Poppy cosplays out there, especially the version that I wanted to do – which was the original concept art by KNKL (Kienan Lafferty from Riot). This version is slightly different from official skin – mostly her pillow “shield” is a gold transparent glowing shield in the game, and some slight variations in the hammer and in her looks.

The process of creating her took me about 4 months. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to tackle her wig mostly, which I actually attempted to make in June 2016. In short, I started her wig first, and then trashed the first attempt because I was not satisfied with the engineering of the wig – the support system, the weight, etc. After I trashed it, I took a little break to rethink it and then finally restarted the project in November 2016 and successfully completed it in February. At the same time, I tackled the hammer and her outfit and completed that a week before

The response I received from the convention were pretty funny but overall very positive – those who were familiar with the game actually frequently guessed my character skin incorrectly. They kept wanting to call it “LolliPoppy” (which is another skin of Poppy), and then realized immediately their error. Others who weren’t familiar with the costume would ask if it was some form of Raggedy Ann. Overall, A lot of people were fascinated by the size of the hammer and whether or not the wig was heavy (the hammer was way heavier!!). When I took breaks, I would take my pigtails off and it would shock many people because they didn’t expect that I could detach them. So those reactions were funny. In the end, the highlight of my time was meeting the concept artist, Kienan Lafferty, in the artist alley. He was incredibly impressed and was very pleased with the result, especially seeing the details I made with the hammer.

-- Riri Cosplay