( photo :  DTJAAAAM )

( photo : DTJAAAAM)

Sometimes when you like being a particular character, in this case for me it was Disney’s Snow White, you are always looking for new ways to cosplay them. I already had so much fun with Snow White before, it was natural to continue that adoration. But also, I have to do a lot of moving around, and sometimes you get inspired by the cosplayers around you. It is a very Disney inspired community out here in the LA/San Diego area since we are close to the Disney park. I immediately took to looking for a inspiring mash up art of Snow White as a super hero, the concept made me smile. I found a few different fanarts for the SuperGirl twist and I was immediately drawn to the that same Blue ,Yellow, and red Color palette that I have grown very fond of. It was a clear choice to bring together super powers and a princess.

Creating costumes is always a careful process for me, I tend to get stuck on a concept when I create mash ups or themed costumes for a character. So like the many that had come before, this was a new style and several different patterns of skirts, boleros, capes and bodices that I then ‘mashed up’ to create the particular look I wanted. These days it’s highly unlikely I that I use just one specific pattern for a cosplay, I am always splicing things together. Lucky for me, I have extra Snow white and Super Girl fabrics lying around from the last time I battled a design for this particular princess.

When you get responses like I did at this convention it’s like watching a lightbulb go off in someone’s head. People would see me and sometimes it took a second ,but once they got it there was this amused smile on their face. But I also think it’s funny who they saw first ‘Snow White, or Super Girl. Con Interactions are always the highlight of my time at any event. Wondercon is impressively diverse, but the most memorable interaction was this particular lady who stopped to tell me that her daughter would love this idea of these two juxtaposed female characters in one. Snow white is this classic Princess, and Super Girl is the strong female lead who is very much independent, so these two together was something that her daughter had to see. It felt great to connect with someone even though they weren’t at the convention.

Cosplay has had a very positive effect on my sense of self. It’s easy for people to look at a costume and judge it based off of the construction, or the person in it. But what I have realized is that, if I smile and feel good about it because I made and I love what I have done; then I can be happier with who I am. I like looking in the mirror and feeling confident, but also knowing that I have accomplished something that I get to share with people who I can connect with through my personal art.

--- Marie Schiavone