( photo :  Atelier Heidi  )

( photo : Atelier Heidi )

I started doing cosplay with my boyfriend, and he had chosen the previous two couples cosplays that we did, so this time it was my turn. I've always loved the Zelda series. So, when they came out with Hyrule Warriors, I knew my next costume was coming from that! I've always been drawn to the costumes that haven't been done often, and trying to keep proper proportions. So, that when the idea of Wizzro was born.

The process started with a hoop skirt, an old backpack, some PVC, chicken wire, and a sheet of reticulated foam. I formed my hump, with the PVC and chicken wire, and covered it with the foam. The hands and arms are just PVC tubing wrapped in duct tape, and coated in Plasti-dip to give it a creepy realistic skin feeling. And the rest is about 60 yards of tulle and 20 yards of purple fabric. This costume was a bunch of firsts for me... First time using LEDs. First time casting my own gems. First time dealing with that much jewelry. First time stenciling my own spray paint patterns, etc.

As far as Katsucon, this is our first time here. We're from Michigan, so we only came to this con because we used to travel here for Magfest. After seeing so many cosplayers posting photos throughout the year saying it was taken at Katsucon, we knew we had to check it out. From the moment we got here, we knew we were where we wanted to be.

As far as interesting interactions, we've had pretty normal stuff. The positive comments, and stuff like that. I'd say the most interesting that happens is randomly on occasions one of Wizzro's arms will fall off. I can be in the middle of having a photo being taken, or just walking down the hall, and it'll just fall to the ground.

Everyone was super supportive, and if we weren't getting stopped for photos people were shouting to us saying how much they loved our costumes. It's always great to feel like all your hard work has paid off. Makes you feel like you've done a good job, which is good for me because I tend to be super critical of my own work.

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(photo : Atelier Heidi #katsucon )