( photo :  DTJAAAAM )

( photo : DTJAAAAM)

Little background info on me… I do a lot of art based cosplays and in general a lot of villains. Within the last year I’ve been able to do a lot of charity events with the Star Wars Steampunk Universe, the Avengers Initiative and a few other organizations. I’ve always had a hard time picking what to wear since I want to be something recognizable for the kids and my closet is a little outside the box, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for a hero that caught my eye. Recently NoFlutter did a series of Super Heroines: Super Girl, Power Girl and Wonder Woman, I loved the Wonder Woman design, and a few months later I found myself with most of the supplies and went for it. One of the first things I always do for a project is print out an image of the design or aspects if it’s a mashup and make notes of all the pieces and the items needed for each piece. After gathering the supplies I was missing I focused on getting all the fabric components together. Next all the details and the “armor” pieces which I made from foam with fabric covers. There were a few components that I didn’t get to finish in time for Wondercon but there was still a lot of positive feedback. Everyone seemed to be very excited for the influx of Wonder Woman this year and really liked NoFlutter’s take on her.

One of my favorite ones was with this little girl who was also dressed as Wonder Woman. She was soooo excited to see me that she ran over for a picture and her face completely lit up when I asked if she wanted to hold the lasso for it. Every once and a while we really get to make a kids day and those moments are pretty awesome.

Thanks to an amazingly geeky father I’ve been going to San Diego Comic Con for as long as I remember. After being fascinated with the cosplayers for years in 2012 I bought a Slave Leia outfit and wore it to SDCC. The next year I started attending some smaller cons and met some amazing SoCal cosplayers and had the feeling of “I have found my people… I am home” and basically haven’t stopped. It’s been not only a creative outlet but sometimes a life line when I was going through some rough patches. I’ve met some of the best people and some I will hold dearly the rest of my life. I couldn’t image life without this hobby.

--- Harley Kat Cosplay