( photo :  im Photography )

( photo : im Photography)

I first saw this anime from a Crunchyroll ad when it was first being promoted. I thought the art was super pretty and the story seemed really good, so I immediately found the manga and read it in a single sitting. I really connected with the character Arima and his story because it reflected my own childhood growing up playing music and really the constant pressure to practice and compete. Watching the anime, I was just reminded of how my friends never wanted to invite me out to play with them because I was always busy practicing piano or cello, taking lessons, going to orchestra rehearsals, etc. It really hit home for me when I saw how Arima coped with his mother dying and how his life changed because this is what happened to my family. Myself and all my sisters, we stopped playing piano for the longest time and it became a struggle to when our mom passed. So seeing him get up from this, it really connected me with this character and I knew immediately that I wanted to cosplay him.

It was really easy putting this costume together. My friends and I decided it would be best to just buy the costume off of Taobao because it would be easier to match fabric and get the appropriate pattern for the girl’s uniform skirt, plus if we ever found more people to cosplay together as a group, it is simpler and more uniformed. Really the main point for us was the props. For the instruments, because of my musical background, we already had many pianos and violins to use as well as lots of sheet music. I even had all the music for a majority of the pieces they played in the anime. We also had pink flower petals as well as the letter that Arima received at the end of the series both at the con and for shoots.

We shot this with Lawrence again in April 2016 and we wanted to try to capture some specific scenes from the anime as well as take an artistic route based off of a mix of official art and fan art. We chose to shoot in my neighborhood as well as at a playground and in my home. In the photo specifically, this was shot in my music room and it was actually quite a challenge. Lynn (Kaori) and I had to lie on the floor and balance our heads on each others shoulders and try to keep a still expression while flower petals were being thrown onto our faces. There was really no room in that small music room because we have 2 pianos in there as well as a small study area, so we had to work with not really having a light set up and also squeezing 2 cosplayers and 2 photographers in that limited space. It was a lot of fun though, and I really thought we captured some beautiful photographs and were able to bring out the story. One of my favorite photographs is actually a photo without any cosplayers. Rather it showcases the instruments as well as the letter Arima receives after Kaori is gone, which we made specifically for this photo. I copied the letter by hand based off a screen shot from the anime, and we even had the tear stain and the cat stamped stationary. I really feel Lawrence is one of the only photographers I know who is able to capture so much emotion without even needing characters.

-- XxSnowfrostxx


I decided to cosplay Miyazono Kaori from Your Lie in April because her story to let her crush notice her and the lies she has to tell him in order to make sure he stays happy. Plus I don't really cosplay boys because of my round face, so I can pull of girls a little bit better.

The process of putting the costume together with XxSnowfrostxX was purely bought. We wanted both of us to match so we decided that finding the costume online is much more better than trying to find similar fabrics and finding someone to make a patch for us for the school emblem. We both try and not buy costumes online, but when it comes to school uniforms, it's a bit easier buying than going through the stress and making it.

The cosplay shoot with im Photography (Lawrence) is always a blast, this is also not our first time shooting with him too. Since we all know the anime equally, we did the shoot for hours just to get certain shots in certain places of East Orlando for the perfect emotions. We woke up at the break of dawn, and went around the neighborhood first before we went out and drove around for certain locations we randomly thought on top of our heads. The photo that is posted was inside of XxSnowfrostxX's home, she had the instruments as well. We only wore the costumes once at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015, didn't really gather much attention though. But it was nice to wear with XxSnowfrostxX and Sarah-Boo Cosplay (Tsubaki; worn only at AWA)

- Superrlynn