I was immediately drawn towards Yurio in episode 1 due to his harsh personality and terrible fashion sense that rivals my own. Through the series, he ends up being this multi-faceted character who I had a lot in common with: the way he deals with life, his need to prove himself, his vulnerabilities, the stubbornness, etc.- it all just hit home with me. 

I actually spent a great deal of time researching figure skating outfits and fabrics before even attempting the costume. I ended up with 5 different stretch fabrics, all of which stretched and worked differently; one of them was actually neoprene, which is a foam-based fabric often used in wetsuits. I hand-drafted the pattern and pinned most of the applique to myself to ensure it laid flat. The applique portion took me a little over 12 hours; not to mention over 200 rhinestones were added at the end. This costume was deceptively difficult but it's one that now holds a very dear spot in my heart.

So far, I've only received positive responses from convention attendees- thank goodness! Many people thought I bought it; which, I honestly see as a compliment. I'm flattered people think my work looks professional enough to be bought. I get a lot of questions about my fabric choices which normally ends up in them poking my legs to get a feel for the neoprene. Honestly, the most comedic part about cosplaying Yurio is when people find out I'm nearly twice his age! But cosplay has no age limit; so I just continue to dress how I like.

- Steff Von Schweetz