Suzanne’s Cosplay

Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones // Cosplayer : Suzanne’s Cosplay

The best moment I had wearing Sansa happened at Dragon Con this past year. On the street, someone yelled, “Queen in the North!” when they spotted me and then others joined in the chant as I walked down the sidewalk. I was laughing and smiling, but it felt amazing to have fans of the show enjoy my cosplay and to feel like royalty for a second!

I came up with the idea to cosplay Sansa Stark after I had just finished watching the last season of Game of Thrones. I loved Sansa’s black leather bodice & dress from episode 2. Her character also really resonated with me, so I knew I had to cosplay her! I patterned¬†the bodice on my dress form using strips of paper and cutting them until I had the shape I wanted. I then cut 2mm EVA foam to form the “leather” strips of the bodice and used a wood-burning tool to add the details. I added over 60 rivets as well as eyelets and lacing to the back. For the dress, I modified Simplicity pattern 8768. I also dyed and braided the wig to create Sansa’s signature hairstyle.¬† One of the hardest parts was finding a stainless steel ring for her necklace/chain! After searching craft stores for days, I finally spotted what I needed in the fencing section of Home Depot.

Cosplay has impacted my life in a myriad of ways – it’s made me more patient, it’s taught me to be humble (everyone makes mistakes & there’s always more you can learn!), and it’s connected me with some of my best friends. Cosplay also helps me feel confident in my own skin and has helped me find my own identity through characters that I love.