Batgirl Knight : KataMarija // Photo : Daniel Medina I’ve cosplayed other versions of Batgirl before, but this is the first “non-canon” cosplay. I really felt inspired by this one, as I was itching for another armor build. This is Batgirl Knight, and it’s an original design by Kelsey Eng. Continue Reading

Spicy Panda Creations

Thrasher Suit from Batman // Cosplayer : Spicy Panda Creations I usually try to pick a theme for the group of friends that I cosplay with and build for. I then suggest characters that I believe will work well for their physical attributes (height, body shape, glasses, wheelchairs, etc.) and Continue Reading


Kite Man from Batman // Cosplayer : @gingerbeerdcosplay // Photo : @slashworthfx I’ve been a huge fan of Batman and most Batman-related media ever since I was a child. As of a couple years ago, Tom King’s run of Batman revived the otherwise Z-lister Kite Man into a tragic character who Continue Reading