Pharaoh Atem from Yugioh : Fudgie / Photo : Paul Mike I came up with Pharaoh Atem when I was Team USA for the Clara Cow Cosplay cup in The Netherlands, Europe. With my competition costume already completed my cosplay partner (VerglasPrince) and I wanted to cosplay from the show Yugioh, yet do costumes that people Continue Reading


Athena Asamiya from King of Fighters // Cosplayer: mellodies // Photo: SnowKid Cosplay Well, I always wanted to cosplay someone from King of Fighters, and I said: “Hmm, why not cosplay Athena?” She’s cute, psychic and an idol at that since I’m a big fan of idols in Japan. At AnimeNEXT, I Continue Reading


Olivia from Fire Emblem Heroes // Cosplayer : @Notgrima // Photo : @daniellelaphotos When I wore Olivia to Saboten Con 2019, I had an amazing artist come up to me and geek out about how much she loved Awakening! She gifted me a bunch of supercute Fire Emblem stickers, notepads, Continue Reading