DW from Arthur // Cosplayer : Ubehime // Photo : DTJAAAAM DW has become so integrated into my experience as a cosplayer because she reminds me to never forget to have fun. I always describe myself as a simple meme and being DW helps me avoid contributing towards the toxic Continue Reading


Blade from Marvel Comics // Cosplayer : DreRocQ // Photo: Brian Trotter Everything to me is interesting to me when I’m cosplaying. The feeling when someone recognizes my character brings me extreme happiness. Funniest thing is I always get asked about the fangs! I’ve always loved the Blade movies so Blade was Continue Reading


The Kage from Boruto // Cosplayer : UsualRanger5 The Kage was actually a last-minute plan! We intended to bring our mainstay cosplay, the 1995 movie Power Ranger team, but some of our members weren’t able to make it. So, after a lot of searching, brainstorming and debating, we realized that the Kage from Boruto would be easy enough Continue Reading