Cosplay Medicto

Cosplay Medic : @cosplaymedicto⁠.⁠I noticed that people, me included, occasionally need to fix things on their cosplays at conventions and there is often no supplies to do so. I thought what if I can carry supplies and tools to conventions with me to help others who would need them.⁠.⁠So far Continue Reading

Alan Yeh

Cosplay Repair : Alan Yeh // Photo : Ray Ustelman Being in cosplay repair can definitely get you into some strange circumstances. Last year at Dragon Con a Mr. Mime cosplayer ran up to yelling “HELP ME MY BALLS ARE DROPPING!” as one of his big red thigh balls was Continue Reading


Cosplay Medic : TheMendingMedic // Photo : GuardianofCosplay ( left in photo above) My favorite thing is people’s reactions when they realize that I have hot glue. It’s a mixture of disbelief and amazement, and I love it. Another awesome thing is hearing someone yell “MEDIC!” from across the convention Continue Reading