Xephyr Studios

Moira from Overwatch // Cosplayer : XephyrStudios // Photo : Hidden Vanity I always love seeing people’s faces light up when they recognize their favorite character alive and moving in front of them. At PAX South, one person in particular was gushing pretty strongly. They remarked how incredible it was Continue Reading


Honeydew Mei from Overwatch // Cosplayer : Animech // Photo : SweetBunnyroll After her Honeydew Mei skin came out in the game I knew right away that was going to be my next cosplay. She just looked so cute and finally something that doesn’t completely cover her. So I already Continue Reading


Overwatch X McDonald // Cosplayer : CaseyNichole I found Digitoonie art of MeiDonalds at Katsucon and fell in love with it. Mei is one of my favorite characters and I loved how the artist made a fun twist on this. It was super cool to see the artist again at Colossalcon and take pictures Continue Reading