Gengar from Pokemon : Spookystitch / photo : dtjaaaam Cosplay taught me the fun of how transformative clothing and costumes can be. I love looking so different between costumes that people don’t recognize me, and I love being able to have the agency to choose how much or how little Continue Reading

Blue Lotus Design

Jolteon and Shiny Umbreon by Blue Lotus DesignEevee made by Jolibe from EtsyPhoto by Komodo Photography Back in 2004 my boyfriend, at the time, and friends of his were going to Otakon. We drove from Wisconsin to Baltimore and it was a blast! I was a little overwhelmed because it was Continue Reading


Milotic from Pokemon // Cosplayer : mooshbirb // Photo : SnapChickPhoto It was a beautiful mixture of being a longtime fan of Pokémon, binge watching 8 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and playing the Sims 4 that served as my inspiration. This combination resulted in my design based Continue Reading


Magikarp from Pokemon // Cosplayer : lucasmh42 While cosplaying Shiny Magikarp, this one guy comes up to me, furious, because he had never been able to catch one in Pokemon Go. He took my photo while flicking me off the whole time. The dude was insane, but it was hilarious Continue Reading


Nessa from Pokemon // Cosplayer : chibith0t / Photo : topherblev I haven’t worn her to a con yet but when I posted the photos online and I never expected to get such an amazing response since so many people had cosplayed her at that point. I was so happy that people received Continue Reading