Rey from Star Wars // Cosplayer : Ashanyao // Photo : AmiePhotos I was scrolling one day on Instagram and came across Julia Harrison‘s artwork for a Greco-Roman AU of Rey and Kylo Ren. After seeing it, I was immediately inspired by how beautifully detailed it was and how it Continue Reading


Princess R2 // Cosplayer : @miss.tyo // Photo : @shorbophoto R2D2 is my favorite character, I just love that droid so much. When Disney acquired Star Wars (amongst a bunch of other media) people were on the “so and so is my new favorite Disney princess” train and R2 was Continue Reading

Shogun Vader

Shogun Vader // Cosplayer : Shogun_Vader // Photo : ChrisWoldPhoto The genesis of my costume is actually a little unusual; rather than creating the costume, and then the prop, it was actually the prop that created the costume. I had received my very first custom lightsaber, a Saberforge “Katana”, as Continue Reading