Nightcrawler from X-Men // Cosplayer : the3rdpharaoh // Photo : jimbonc

I get some crazy comments whenever I’m Nightcrawler, like someone asking me why I’m holding my breath or asking me how long does it take me to teleport to the event. But almost at every con, some people confuse my Nightcrawler with Avatar (James Cameron film). It happens at every con!

I’m always looking for cosplays that separate me from what other people would normally see at a convention and Nightcrawler was definitely someone you don’t see a lot of in Virginia or at a con. People who see my Nightcrawler are always amazed at the level of detail I put into him and always want pictures. The suit itself is printed spandex. I use Ben Nye paint & sealer products to make my face blue & smear/sweat-resistant. The three-fingered hands are actually Yoda gloves (Star Wars) I got from Amazon that I painted blue. The elf ears are painted as well. I have an animatronic tail that moves at the push of my remote I got from The Tail Company. The two-toed shoes are called Tabi boots (ninja shoes). The fangs are molded to fit over my teeth. I use colored contacts courtesy of

This was my first time going to NC Comicon and it was amazing. Seeing so many new and old friends rocking incredible cosplays all weekend. My favorite part was probably running a booth for the very first time. So many people were amazed at all the work I’ve done over the years, to finally meet me and seeing their reactions is what inspires me to keep going further into cosplaying.