Theodore Scott / Angry Pixie Design (The Beast)

I think one of the funniest and often things I get asked while cosplaying him is “How well can you see out of that?” or something along those lines. I usually respond “With great difficulty.” Another one of my favorite and funny things that I like to do is “creep” out con goers by slowly turning my head towards them or quietly sneak upon them. The cosplay overall puts most people off; it is very unsettling to look at.

With the majority of the credit going to angrypixiedesign on Instagram, for she was the one who lovingly sacrificed 500+ hours to create the headpiece. I just bought the suit and portray the character! Ever since I saw The Beast on the first couple of episodes of The Magicians, I wholeheartedly wanted to cosplay him immediately. I just had no idea where to start, then I happen to stumble upon angrypixiedesign’s cosplay. We worked out an arrangement and I now cosplay him!

As for the rest of the cosplay, I purchased the suit, the tie, and the shoes. I actually have two fingers prosthetics in the works to have twelve in total to be a little more accurate to the character. I have also been considering cosplaying actually Martin Chatwin with the Word as Bond mark on my hand that was placed by Julia in the show.

Theodore Scott

So the base shape is made out of chicken wire and hot glue to make sure there are no spikey bits that will cut your face. There are loops of a light but thicker gauge wire that extends from the chicken wire frame crimped and hot glued onto the structure. The moth shapes were cut out of thicker card stock using a Glowforge laser cutter. Because of issues with printing and aligning the pattern on the moth cutouts, we made a custom stamp out of stamp rubber and I hand stamped the hundreds and hundreds of moths using gray and brown ink. I’m grateful that I had access to a laser cutter or I would have gone pretty insane. 

Lastly, I marked the relative area where my eyes would be and where I would see out of and then started gluing on the moths in a fashion so that the pattern looked randomized. I covered as much of the wire as possible but covered as little of the negative space as possible so that I could see from the inside of the mask. Once the chicken wire base was covered I glued the moths on the exterior wire, adding some fishing line in a few spots to fill any holes. There is a crown of soft foam on the inside of the mask so that the mask sits comfortably and doesn’t move too much.

Angry Pixie Design

Photo : Tadashi

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