TwinkiePon Cosplay

I was at a convention in Canada last year and I entered the vendor hall and immediately a little girl in a Chibiusa cosplay says: “Oh no, it’s Jasper!” and ran to hide behind her mom. Later on, I was dressed up as Peridot (also from Steven Universe – very different look from Jasper) – I go back into the vendor hall and the same girl comes up to me and tells me how much she likes Peridot and then tells me: “Watch out because Jasper is walking around.” I smiled (I was trying not to giggle) and told her I’d keep an eye out!

A friend of mine was going to cosplay Jasper but then was unable to go and told me I should do it. I didn’t honestly think I’d look good as the character, but when I put the full cosplay on I was surprised and got a very positive reaction. She’s been a go-to character ever since! Over the past couple years I’ve updated the wig and the dress and perfected my makeup.

I started with the dress since, for me, sewing is the easy part – I made it with an uniform cotton and it has POCKETS, which are a great addition to any cosplay. I decided on a dress because I’m still working up the confidence to do a full body suit,, which I’m hoping will be later this year! The wig is made of two wigs from The Five Wits – I seam ripped the wefts from one and painstakingly hand sewed them onto the base wig for maximum floof. I use hairspray to get that extra volume. I ordered the gem and arm socks from Etsy, modifying both by painting the nose different shades of yellow, orange and tan to capture the way it looks in the show and painting stripes on the arm socks.

Before cosplay, I was pretty shy – especially in front of the camera. I had low self-esteem, mostly due to past bullying and verbal abuse from an ex. Cosplay has allowed me to really discover who I am and I own it. It has built up my confidence SO MUCH! I used to be the person hiding in the back of photos behind everyone so you’d only see the top of my head – now I pose right up front and center like “Here I am – capture me!” My cosplay is an artistic way I can express myself and wear that art for all the world to see. I feel beautiful and outgoing and I can’t imagine my life without cosplay now.

—- TwinkiePon Cosplay

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