Tyler (Klaus Hargreeves)

It was insane! I’ve never had a cosplay be so incredibly well received. Me and my friend who was cosplaying Luther with me were at the Dark Horse Comics booth for a long time because people kept wanting our picture with the UA logo. There was one woman who was absolutely convinced I was Robert Sheehan and kept telling me how much she loved my performance and there wasn’t a thing I could to tell her I wasn’t him. It felt so good that people enjoyed it as much as I did.

I’d read the Umbrella Academy comics when I was in high school and thought Gerard Way was god, and when I saw the show had appeared on Netflix I binged the entire thing in a day. I noticed that a lot of Robert Sheehan’s physicality was similar to mine, the character ended up being queer which was different from the comics and made me incredibly excited, and I already love anyone or anything that has to do with ghosts. It all added up to a cosplay I knew I wanted to get done as soon as I could.

I work at a thrift store so I found base pieces for the outfit and I edited them to how I wanted. There’s still more I’d like to spruce up on it, so keep an eye out for a new and improved Klaus cosplay for Sakura Con!


Photo : @reckoner42

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